MLC If only I was a Ref Grunt… Well, Male Librarian Centerfold (MLC) is and

And that concludes… …blogging to the State of the Union of Address. And now back

“Safe and free” Except for Mr. Ashcroft. We’ve given him a pass on that free thing.

Or? “Listen to your mom or dad.” Uh, I was taught to listen to both

Give the boy scouts government money The moment you do, then they can’t ban gays.

Those darn “activist judges” Oh, and a recess appointment of Charles Pickering is nothing like

“The negative influence of the culture” What the Hell does that mean?

STDs I knew it! The moment he mentioned STDs I knew the abstenence line was

Steroids Well, I agree with this one point.

Drug testing in schools! You’ve got to be kidding. Can we say invasion of privacy