Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear David Happy

Book art I’ve been a fan of the books published by Charnel House for years

Just finished Faction Paradox: The Book of the War by Lawrence Miles

Son of spam fun Here’s some text from a spam for a cable descrambler “reel barth

DU again Looks like I’ll be teaching the Intorduction Knowledge Management Technologies class again this

Score one for the little guy The RIAA looses in court when it is ruled

Resolutions Last year was the first time I actively attempted to make New Year resolutions.

Lyrics for a year gone by Doesn’t matter who gets the best of who Or

Peer-to-peer is legal! Well, it is in The Netherlands anyway… (Scroll down for the English

Dean koontz book updates Today I’ve added to completely new entries thanks to Alan Clark.