By the way This speech was move up a week. This of course has nothing

Thugs and assassins The Iraqi’s won’t have to live with them. The US? We get

Clapping for something Bush said Someone please find me a list of the folks that

Interesting koontz tidbit This one won’t be in the book either but I though some

Koontz book update My UK hardcover copy of The Voice of the Night by Brian

If only i drank Get ready for tonight. Make sure you have all you need

Daughter of spam fun This one is just funny… Subject: l00k at adlts-sseee this vvddeoo  Hot

Koontz book update Just a few items were filled in this weekend. Two of them

Off the bookshelf Lip Service by M.J. Rose

A cable modem isn’t Nor is a DSL modem either but since I have a