Lyrics And maybe some faith would do me good I don’t know what I’m doing,

Cousin of spam fun I wish I was making this stuff up… clujt xxwpz tzqtrtdmf xjxugggor

Koontz book update Thanks to’s Search Inside the Book feature I’ve found this interesting bit:

L.e. modesitt site updates Several major updates went into the Recluce Web site this evening.

Lord of the Right Wing Here’s a great parody of Lord of the Rings. (Flash

Poor sales Why did my first XHTML book sell so poorly? Well, beyond a complete

No, you didn’t “need” to It seems that Boondocks will no longer be in The

Discovery of historical proportions The Boston Public Library long range plan has been found!

Google print According to this news report Google will be publishing a print edition. Yes,

Don saklad haiku This is what happens when memebers of the Library Undergound mailing list