STDs I knew it! The moment he mentioned STDs I knew the abstenence line was

Steroids Well, I agree with this one point.

Drug testing in schools! You’ve got to be kidding. Can we say invasion of privacy

“Best in the world” Our “healthcare” is the best in the world. It’s the insurance-

“Five years”!?!?!?! Cut taxes yet still cut the deficit in five years. How?

“Good stewards of tax payer dollars.” 1. One who manages another’s property, finances, or other

Conservation? Did I actually hear him say that? Ah, but let’s drill in Alaska…

“Pro growth economic agenda” “Unless you act Americans face a tax increase.” Yeah, and we

There’s the sound bite “America will never seek a permission slip to defend the safety

WMDs “They’d still be around” if we’d not done anything. Trouble is, they’ve still not