Koontz book update I’ve just added a dozen articles from Variety dealing mostly with Dean’s

Off the bookshelf The Enemies of Books by William Blades, 1880, “Revised and Expanded by

At least they got the transcript right I just checked the official transcript of last

Bravo! “Requiring students to blindly repeat the pledge is no different that the [then] Taliban

Words that, unfortunately, still ring true “Mr. President: I would like to speak briefly and simply

Quoted “To me (and to my little-known collaborator, a man name [sic] of Sigmund Freud)

MLC If only I was a Ref Grunt… Well, Male Librarian Centerfold (MLC) is and

And that concludes… …blogging to the State of the Union of Address. And now back

“Safe and free” Except for Mr. Ashcroft. We’ve given him a pass on that free thing.

Or? “Listen to your mom or dad.” Uh, I was taught to listen to both