How to Take Criticism/Feedback by Jyssica Schwartz

Here’s the thing. Feedback and constructive criticism are vital to improving. No one is perfect

Learning Is a Learned Behavior. Here’s How to Get Better at It by Ulrich Boser

Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to learn is a matter of intelligence. For

The 9 mistakes you don’t know you’re making as a new manager by Claire Lew

I’ve never met you, but I’m going to make a guess about you:  You’re making

Friday Reads: Star Wars Rebel Rising by Beth Revis

New York Times bestselling author Beth Revis brings to life the early adventures and heartbreaks

Throwback Thursday: Hodor’s POV

Originally found on a Google+ page in 2013. Therefore source no longer known. 

Credit where credit is due

Something I do a lot of on this blog is quote from and point people

Dear (Cis) People Who Put Your Pronouns On Your “Hello My Name Is” Name Tags by Sinclair Sexsmith

“Dear cis people who put your pronouns on your “hello my name is” name tags: Thank you. “When you