That viral video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing is a meta-meme

As a long-time follower of Lawrence Lessig I recognized the @AOC video instantly. This Wired

The Room of Requirement

Libraries aren’t just for books. They’re often spaces that transform into what you need them

Salt Lake County libraries give away free gun locks to promote gun safety, suicide prevention

The librarian says it starts with a question, like the person can’t quite believe it’s

‘We are a place for everyone’: How the Calgary Public Library is confronting social issues

The city’s striking new Central Library has put Calgary’s library system in the spotlight since

The Importance of Working For A Boss Who Supports You

Employers seek loyalty and dedication from their employees but sometimes fail to return their half

Friday Video: How to break bad management habits before the reach the next generation of leaders

Companies are counting on their future leaders to manage with more speed, flexibility and trust

Friday Reads: Star Wars The Classic Newspaper Comics Vol. 1

The first of three volumes collecting the original Star Wars newspaper strip from 1979 through 1984. Includes

10 Things That Require ZERO Talent

Being on time. Work ethic.  Effort.  Body language.  Energy Attitude.  Passion.  Being coachable.  Doing extra.