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Throwback Thursday: 1977

The Sauers family stylin’ in 1977.

Throwback Thursday: Graduation 1992

Graduation day, SUNY Brockport, 1992. Yep, my mom and I graduated from college together.

Throwback Thursday: Paternal grandparents

William F. (Bill) Sauers and Ann E. (Lillian, Billie) Baker circa 1934.

Throwback Thursday: Me, my cousin Laurie, and our Grandfather in 1973

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Christmas 2014 photo story


Throwback Thursday: Christmas 2006

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Throwback Thursday: On our honeymoon, 2009

Click photo for information on the sculpture.

Throwback Thursday: Me and my Tinker Toys, 1975

You can check out photos of my nephews playing with these same Tinker Toys just last week here and here.  

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Throwback Thursday: BBQ with my Grandfather, 1985

Bookstore t-shirt, even back then.