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Friday Reads: Red Shadows by Robert E. Hoawrd

Red Shadows is a collection of Fantasy short stories and poems by Robert E. Howard.

Friday Reads: Palaces for the People

An eminent sociologist and bestselling author offers an inspiring blueprint for rebuilding our fractured society. We

Friday Reads: Rough Country by John Sandford

The murder of a successful advertising executive leads Detective Virgil Flowers to the unlikely scene

Friday Reads: Heat Lightning by John Sandford

Virgil Flowers hunts a killer responsible for a strange string of murders in this thriller

Friday Reads: Dark of the Moon by John Sandford

The first Virgil Flowers novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author John Sandford. “Virgil Flowers,

Friday Reads: Gatweays to Forever by Mike Ashley

This third volume in Mike Ashley’s four-volume study of the science-fiction magazines focuses on the

Problematic Classics: Four Questions to Ask When Beloved Books Haven’t Aged Well |

Most of us who love speculative fiction run into this problem at some point. There

The Simple Truth Behind Reading 200 Books a Year

Somebody once asked Warren Buffett about his secret to success. Buffett pointed to a stack

Friday Reads: Norman Mailer: Four Books of the 1960s

Four Mailer classics in one volume for the first time, books that crackle with the

Friday Reads: Darkest Desires: The Makani Trilogy by Dean Koontz

From From bestselling author Dean Koontz, a trilogy of original novellas, “Last Light”, “Final