Friday Reads: Herblock Special Report by Herbert Block

“A rare and insightful book on the Nixon career from shifty California congressman to criminal-but-pardoned ex-president by the man who battled him from a drawing board for twenty-six years―and won. In 450 pungent cartoons accompanied by a witty, wry text, the nation’s No. 1 cartoonist has produced a unique history that lays out the whole Nixon record.” ―Tom Engelhardt, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

This book obviously does not set out a complete record of the Nixon scandals or of the Nixon career. It doesn’t even include all the cartoons about Nixon or relating to him―which probably number more than those Block did on almost any other public figure (good or bad), including such long-in-the-limelight persons as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin. It does include a large number of the Nixon cartoons, along with dates of some incidents, and comments and recollections about their subject―a political career which in some way has affected all of us.


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