Here’s How You Hire In 2020 by Andy Chan

…2020 is the era of employee experience—it signaled the change of the candidates’ mindsets and objectives. Companies need to think of themselves as designers so that they can carve out the best employee experience possible.

Candidates today are placing a stronger emphasis on culture. A study by Jobvite discovered that half of the candidates believe culture is extremely important in choosing a company. In 2017, a survey conducted by Hays found that 71% of employees are willing to earn a little less just so they can have the right company culture.

While the meat of a job like remuneration, benefits, and perks are all critical points for companies to consider, the intangible things like culture and beliefs are gradually getting their spotlight. For instance, candidates are using Glassdoor to know more about the company’s culture before they even apply for the job.

Rather than employers running a background check on their candidates, it’s now the other way around.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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