6 Ways to Become Better at Tough Workplace Conversations by Scott Miller

After nearly 25 years working in corporate America (most of them as a leader myself), there’s one single competence I’d elevate above all the rest when it comes to leadership. It has a wildly disproportionate impact on the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission, return value to shareholders, engage talent, and build a winning culture.

It’s holding high-courage conversations.

Fundamentally, leaders at every level can be transition figures in the lives (professionally and personally) of every associate when they rise to the challenge of talking straight. That means tackling issues that other leaders have avoided, through neglect or, candidly, cowardice.

These issues can range from common challenges like individual performance, low self-awareness, collaboration, and taking responsibility for their actions–to the seemingly absurd, like someone’s hygiene or personal issues that are impairing their focus.

You must learn to talk straight with your colleagues, specifically your direct reports, about their blind spots. When done consistently, you can develop a brand of being a respectful and courageous leader willing to tackle issues that, until now, have been neglected.

Here are six tips to rise to the challenge of discussing the undiscussable:

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