Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Just Tolerated!

“Do you work at a place where your contributions are valued?”

“Is there a good sense of teamwork?”

“Are you the shining light?”

“Did you create enough value for the company?”

“Does your boss think you did a good job?”

If the answer is a “no”, sorry, you ain’t treated with respect.

Sadly, one of the places that we often feel the least celebrated is at ‘work’. There are ups and downs in every organisation, but when you know you’re making a positive contribution, it makes you celebrate and when you know you’re here for no good and just tolerated, you need to move!

“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.’’ If you feel grumpy while you’re at work, it is evident that you aren’t happy.

You watch others get the promotion, you are not given the raise you deserve, you are excluded when it comes to taking responsibility, and you are not getting the recognition you believe you deserve. All this is because you aren’t making your achievements recognized.

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Image CC Alex Kuruz

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