How the Best Leaders Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of leadership. Without trust, it’s nearly impossible to recruit and retain followers and to implement change. Trust affects a leader’s impact and the company’s bottom line more than any other factor.

But there’s no shortcut to building trust. It has to be earned, and that process takes time. The best leaders devote consistent effort to building and maintaining trust. Here are the principles they go by:

  1. When people experience your character, they will trust you.
  2. When people can count on you, they will trust you.
  3. When people see you genuinely care, they will trust you.
  4. When people view you as competent, they will trust you.
  5. When people encounter your courage, they will trust you. 
  6. When people know what you’re thinking, they will trust you.
  7. When people see you act with consistency, they will trust you.
  8. Lead from within.

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