Throwback Thursday: QWOP

The first time most people ever saw QWOP was around December 2010, when a YouTuber named Critical declared it “The Most Difficult Game Ever Created.” In the video, which has been viewed almost 9 million times, the monotoned YouTuber grapples with a simple game in which a runner constructed in blocky, primary colors, attempts to run 100 meters. He fails miserably. Over the course of six minutes, the runner performs splits, backbends, abrupt tumbles, and physical implosions, often not even getting past the starting line. He eventually settles into a weird, one-legged crawl, making it almost 10 meters before melting inevitably to the ground. You get the feeling the video’s six minutes were edited down from a much larger, more painful stretch of time spent grappling with the game. At one point, Critical calls the game “the robot’s asshole.” It seems to have been visited upon him by some malevolent god.

Read the full article @ AV Club.

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