This is NOT a “brand new” book

I’m getting really cranky at third-party sellers on Amazon. I’ve learned to expect that many people selling these books are not booksellers and they’ll tend to over-grade their books. So, I try to be careful when I do purchase from third-parties. In this case I chose a seller that’s said (or at least implied by their name) they’re a book store (not just some guy) and listed the book as “Condition: New” and stated “Brand new book!” in the description of the book. Here’s what I got:

A bargain book: This automatically disqualifies it as “new”.

This is not a brand new book (2)

Damage to the top and bottom of the spine. (This may have happened in transit as it was shipped in a padded mailer, and not a box.)

This is not a brand new book (1)

And last but not least: stains on the dj’s spine.

This is not a brand new book (3)

Yeah, I just wanted to vent. Hopefully they’ll give me my money back and maybe even let me keep the book. I’m waiting to hear back from them.


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