Is that site down or is it just me? Answering that just got easier.

Question MarkYesterday, during my 40 tips, tricks & tools presentation, one of the online tools I spoke about was Down For Everyone Or Just Me?  It’s a great little service that allows you to type in a domain name and get a report back indicating whether the site is actually down, or it’s just down for you. Last night, upon trying to access a site I regularly use, I headed over to the site and started typing in the URL of the site I wanted to test. I then dawned on me, that I should be able to make this service even easier to use. Instead of finding a down site, finding and clicking the bookmark for the testing service, typing (or pasting) in the URL in question, and pressing enter, wouldn’t a bookmarklet be much handier?

So here it is. Just drag the button below up to your bookmarks toolbar and then the next time you’re on a site that you want to test, just click it. It’ll send the domain name of the site your on to Down For Everyone… automatically, and you’ll get your answer with that single click. (Feel free to rename the bookmarklet at you see fit.)

is up?

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