The Troubled History of Weird Tales Magazine

Weird Tales March 1923There’s never quite been a magazine such as Weird Tales. In any conversation of genre, it’s hard to place the publication in a tidy box of fantasy, horror or science fiction; over the course of its history, it’s published a range of speculative stories, often crossing from one genre to another. Throughout its 30-year run, the magazine proved to be the starting point for a wide range of authors such as H.P. Lovecraft to Tennessee Williams to C.L. Moore. The magazine was the first dedicated publication devoted to stories that broadly fit into the speculative fiction movement, founded just three years before the first “Scientifiction” magazine, Amazing Stories landed on magazine racks in 1926. The story of the magazine’s history is a remarkable tale of survival, and one that helped to launch many a career in the speculative publishing genres.

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