You May Be a Book Hoarder If…

Books, the original laptopDo you have books in almost every room of your house? Do you have at least one pile of “to read” books somewhere in your home that is seemingly getting larger by the minute? Are you currently using books to, shall we say, accessorize your house—as pedestals for lamps, decorative doorstops, or bookends for other books? Do visitors frequently compare your domicile to a library?

Then you, my friend, may be a book hoarder. Welcome to the club.

Shows like Hoarders, Intervention, and The Biggest Loser are all about the transformation—the glorious life-change that comes from being compelled (and oftentimes forced) to understand and eliminate destructive behavior or tendencies.

A word of warning to those who may be plotting to cast me in a Hoarders-style show for bibliophiles: Stay. Away. From. My. Books.

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