Word cloud on a book

The Islanders word cloudI’m a big fan of the work of Christopher Priest. Many US readers will only be aware of him through a little movie titled The Prestigebased on his book by the same name. This past week I picked up the UK hardcover copy of his book The Islanders and have placed it high on the to-be-read-pile. However, the reason for blogging it here is what’s on the back of the dust jacket: a word cloud from the book. I’ve seen this done for books by third-parties, but this is the first time I’ve known of it being done by the author/publisher and placed prominently enough to give you a rough idea of what the books about. Though, this being a Christopher Priest novel, I wouldn’t take any of the information at face value. (I do not know if this image appears on any of the US editions, but the front cover is the same so maybe it does.)

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