How’s this for a research skill?

I just stumbled over a site named on which people offer to do things for you for just $5. Current offers on the home page run from “I will illustrate a page of your book for $5” to “I will perform a backflip and say any short message for $5” to “I will kickbox in my bikini and say what ever you want, Review your product or website sexy, … for $5”. You get the idea. But here’s someone that’s offering to do some research for you:

I will track down the source of your favorite adult photo or art and research it for $5

Often I see some breath-taking erotic image and I want to know “Where did that come from? Who made it? Who published it?” As an adult blogger for more than ten years I’ve gotten very good at answering these questions. For this gig I will work hard and apply my skills to answer these questions for you! I’ll fully research any image you ask about, providing the best possible attribution that internet sources will allow. I will provide you with a brief attribution report including: URLs to the best (largest, clearest, least-altered) versions of the image available on the web; URLS to any sites that identify, discuss, or provide context for the image; whatever information can be discovered about the publisher, artist, photographer, or other sources of the image; and current market sources for the image if it appears to be commercially available. Upon request I will also provide links to related materials such as (if they exist) videos from the same pornsite or model.

Yes folks. This person will hunt down the source and/or the name of that person in your favorite bit of porn for just five bucks. How’s that for a new and innovative service we could offer at the library?

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