The Year in Reading 2012

Total number of books read: 126
Fiction: 100
Non-Fiction 26
Print (non-graphic): 73.75
eBooks: 28.25
Graphic Novels: 15
Audio books: 8
Total page count: 27287
Male authors: 131
Female authors: 22
First book read: Old Flames by Jack Ketchum
Last book read: Eternals by Neil Gaiman & John Romita, Jr.

Please don’t bother adding up the numbers as they rarely work out perfectly. For example, the total number of authors will not equal the number of books read as some books had multiple authors. For audio books I looked up the page count for the equivalent print edition and used that number for the page count. Lastly, a few books I read partially in print and partially in electronic format hence the fractional count in those listings.

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