I have a wonderful ISP

Windstream LogoI’ve had my share of cable-based ISPs in the past and let’s just say that they were large faceless corporations that didn’t seem like they were there to help me out. Well, Windstream Communications, my DSL ISP here in Lincoln may be a large corporation but they’re not exactly faceless to me.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I haven’t’ complained about downtime or slow speeds recently. That’s because the problem was finally solved about two weeks ago. (I wanted to wait a while before telling others lest I jinx the whole thing.) The problem had been going on for months and every time I called yet again. It took a while to be able to skip over the “did you reboot your modem” people and talk to someone who knew what was going on when I called but I persisted and they worked with me at every step.

Ultimately, the problem was actually with the totally crap wiring job the previous owner had done with the phone lines in the house. Not my fault, but not exactly Winstream’s either. But in the end they found the problem and fixed it at no charge. At one point it seemed like they were determined to find and fix the problem, rules about what work they should and should not do in someone’s home be damned, just to get me to stop calling but that’s ok with me. They kept me in the loop about what they were doing and as long as I knew they were addressing my problem to the best of their ability I stayed relatively patient and non-angry.

So, bottom line, thanks to Windstream and especially Ross, Troy, Devon, and Denny, the techs that kept coming to my house and were determined to help me out. It’s been two whole weeks without a single problem and I’m a happy customer. Now, as for when you’re going to get me that 24Mbps connection…

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