Library gift cards for the holidays

My brother and his family live in Brockport, NY (I did my undergrad work at SUNY Brockport,) and my folks stopped by the Seymour Public Library a month or so ago while out that way and noticed this wonderful little idea: gift cards for library fines and holds. I asked my father to ask them about the program and get me some more details but at the time they were “in-between directors and behind on updating the Web site” so all he was able to provide any more details than the following photos. I’ve got to say I love the idea. They’d make wonderful gifts for those heavy hold users, and you’re library scofflaw friends.

Library Gift Cards

Library Holds Gift Card

Library Fines Gift Card

Update 3 December 2010:

A little more information from my father that actually makes this story even cooler.

[According to the librarian he spoke with]  the idea started by someone asking about pre paid “hold” cards so they did  not have to carry cash when picking up books that were a hold (cost is 50 cents a hold) Then someone said why not have gift fine cards ….so they just made them. No committee, no written policy…they just DID IT!

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