Knowing Darkness cabinet unboxing

A while back I purchased a copy of Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen King a massive tome. It was so large that I posted an unboxing video. Well, it turns out that Thomas Krynsky decided to hand-make some customized cabinets just for this book. You can read details on his site and watch my new unboxing video below.

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  1. Michael,

    I don’t know what amazed me more, the creation of a display cabinet for that booster-chair sized book or the incredible packing job the sender did in getting the case packed to send to you. I trust you recycled the packing materials….such an incredible amount of stuff! The sender clearly is an experienced packer.

    Having done furniture refinishing from time to time in another place and time, I marveled at the beauty of the wood and the construction of the cabinet.

    Thanks for sharing!

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