Concert Etiquette

Dave Matthews Band 1An open letter to the jerk who insisted on standing between us and the stage at the Dave Matthews Band concert last week.

Yes, people stand at concerts despite having bought tickets for “seats”. Yes, I’ve stood during more concerts in my 40 years than you probably assume I have since I’m “old” compared to you. Yes, most of the rest of the crowd in the stadium were also standing. However, no one in the 12 rows in front of you were standing nor was anyone standing behind you for at least another four rows.

We were two rows behind you and you were in the way. The two guys between us and you asked you and your buddy to sit down. You bitched, but you did. Later you insisted on standing and your buddy stayed in his seat. At this point, you’re just being a dick. Especially when you got the people in front of you to stand specifically to piss us off.

Eventually we stood because by the encore, everyone was standing. At that point none of us minded. but when you’re the one person standing in a group of more than one hundred and refuse to sit down when asked, that’s just being rude.

(The photo does not include the person to whom I’m speaking. Some other attendees did take photos of you, but I couldn’t find them on flickr.)

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2 Replies to “Concert Etiquette”

  1. I’ve seen Dave eight or nine times are there are always meatheads in the crowd. That said, I’d probably be pretty bummed that everyone around me was sitting, forcing me to sit when I’d want to be dancin’.

  2. yeah, i think the author got lost on the way to the symphony. For a rock concert, and for those ticket prices, you should be able to stand and dance.

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