The missing link between libraries and online book piracy

This is it folks. It’s all over. Let’s pack it in and call it a day. I now have proof, proof I say! That use of libraries causes online book piracy!

Take a look at exhibit A:

Freemasonry Online Pirate EditionThis is a partial screenshot from an online index of downloadable ebooks. So as to not encourage such blatant illegality I’ll not provide a link. However, take a look at the cover of the book. What is that I see, but a library accession label. Unfortunately it’s too small to make out exactly which library is the source of this illicit material.

Yes folks, people are checking out copied of library books, scanning them, and posting them online! It’s not enough that they just read the content themselves, but they’re sharing that content with others in complete violation of the author’s rights. Next thing you know we’ll be supplying the technology to do this within the library walls.

Oh, wait… Nevermind.

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  1. If I could be certain a patron did this, I’d say “hooray! How do we get other patrons equally engaged with reading and libraries?” But are you sure this isn’t a relic from one of the big scanning projects (e.g. Google Books, Open Content Alliance, Million Book Project, etc.)

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