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Friday Reads: How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt

From Amazon.com: “[How Music Got Free] has the clear writing and brisk reportorial acumen of

Harper Collins starts watermarking eBooks

This week HarperCollins and anti-piracy company Digimarc announced the debut of a new ebook watermarking

I’m glad you found my book useful, but…

Dear Lithuanian scholar who decided that one of my books was a worthy source for

This Week in Law 250: Slugs in the Popcorn

Published on Mar 14, 2014 A Netflix for pirates, lapel cameras and copyright, banning handheld devices for kids, and more. Featuring librarian Katie Fortney, the Copyright Policy & Education Officer for the California Digital Library.

DMCA Take Down Tom Foolery

Two recent headlines showing the utter preposterousness of automated DMCA takedown notices: HarperCollins Accuses Apple of

Copyright: It Was Never About The Money, Stupid

You can dismiss pirates as just being greedy and surely able to pay if they wanted, just as you could dismiss the colonist tea drinkers as greedy bastards who surely could afford to pay the tax on their English tea. And in doing so, you’d be missing the point entirely, choosing to grotesquely mischaracterize a […]

How one band dealt with piracy

Update 12/29/13: Sadly, this has turned out not to be true. In the case of Iron Maiden, still a top-drawing band in the U.S. and Europe after thirty years, it noted a surge in traffic in South America. Also, it saw that Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, and Chile were among the top 10 countries with the […]

Unpublished Salinger Books Leaked to Private File-Sharing Site

File-sharing sites and platforms of all kinds can be goldmines of unusual information and today fans of writer J. D. Salinger will be the ones getting particularly excited. Last evening three previously unreleased stories by the reclusive American author were uploaded to private BitTorrent tracker What.cd, including The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls, a piece […]

Students Found to Rely on Pirated Textbooks to Save Costs

A study conducted by NetNames has revealed an unlikely source for the bulk of ebook