Nailed ‘Em – Library Crime

As funnily presented as this story is, this is exactly why I get so steamed whenever I hear “but you don’t pay taxes to our library.”

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Nailed ‘Em – Library Crime
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2 Replies to “Nailed ‘Em – Library Crime”

  1. As someone who had to deal with finding enough money, I always get steamed at people who want service, but live in communities which have specifically voted to NOT fund library service (or whatever other service). If you don't want to pay for services, you should not expect a neighboring community (usually with a higher tax rate) to provide it!

    [Is that what you were trying to say?]

  2. No, quite the opposite. Maybe that "community" voted no but that child sure didn't. What if the mother had voted for it but was in the minority? Seriously, this is just totally insane. What a wonderful lesson to teach this kid.

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