Thing #8: Billy’s new bike

I love flickr! I’ve currently got more than 21,000 photos in my account. Granted, this one I didn’t take,it was sent to me by my dad. This is him with his new bike back in 1956.

I’ve always been into photography (as my dad has) but I never took the time to learn all the picky details as a kid since it was such an expensive hobby. Film, equipment, development costs, it just wasn’t gonna happen. Now, with digital and a $300 dollar camera I can take photos to my heart’s content.

I’m still working with (an advanced) point & shoot digital but it’s got an 18x optical zoom and lots of options so it works well for me. One day I’ll learn enough to move up to a digital SLR but then that whole “it’s expensive” problem (lenses anyone?) comes into play.

No matter what, here’s my advice: take as many photos as you can and be sure to share them.

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