One Reply to “Keith Olberman on Prop 8”

  1. Lots of passion, not a lot of thought – or thoughtfulness.

    “What is this to you?”

    It is this.,0,2093869.story

    If a person thinks I’m a bigot for sincerely believing the above with Blankenhorn, I think that’s very sad. You don’t have to believe me, but I wish you would.

    Quite honestly Michael – I expect more from you (you are *by far* the most thoughtful and sensible voice on “Uncontrolled Vocabulary”).

    Here is this also, if you want to read more: (I am hearing this “I don’t understand” more and more these days – I hope it will start to sink in for some at least).


    P.S. – Yes, there also ought to be stricter laws in states against divorce – and also, I’m quite sure my marriage has a greater than 50% chance of surviving, my wife and I both coming from families that gave us an idea of what it takes for a marriage to remain viable.

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