OpenSource pricing

Taking a cue from some recent attempts of bands trying the "set your own price" model of selling (I’m assuming) a local bar/coffee house had this sign out at lunch time today. I’m thinking of going back to talk to them after work but I’m still exhausted from conference so I might not get to it ’till next week. (Yes, a very long post about IL2008 is on the way.)

OpenSource pricing

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  1. They’ve done that on a few Fridays now. Really nice guys, and they serve Cultiva coffee, which I seriously think is the best coffee I’ve ever had in the world.

  2. It’s pick-your-price Friday again today, and I asked them about it. They hadn’t known about Radiohead or other bands trying the choose your own price routine, though a lot of customers have asked them that, too. They just thought it would be a fun idea.

    Interestingly, most customers still choose to pay the regular price, including myself the last few times. Today, though, I decided to name a new price.

  3. PS: everybody should go down there today to see Jeremy’s costume, a homemade Ghostbusters outfit with lights and lasers and the Ghostbusters theme playing. It’s really well done.

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