Full list of Starbucks closures now available

Starbucks Gossip has the list. Here’s the damage Nebraska will be suffering:

11270 2ND & W 42 ST 4116 2ND AVE KEARNEY NE
9883 120TH & BLONDO 2012 N 117TH AVE OMAHA NE
11805 72ND & GILES 8440 S 72ND ST PAPILLION NE

27 Replies to “Full list of Starbucks closures now available”

  1. I’m not sure I’d consider anyone “suffering” at the loss of a Starbucks. There are plenty of better local coffee shops around. (IMHO)

  2. We two GOOD coffee houses here before Starsucks opened. Now they are both closed.

  3. When I read about Starbucks closing down stores today, I wasn’t the least bit afraid of them filing for bankruptcy or closing down forever. I’ve been following the whole Starbucks ordeal on savvywallet.com. Even with the free iced coffee on Wednesday promotion, introduction of their fruity smoothies, and free wifi with gift card registrations. The only thing I’m worried about is not enough hotspots for wifi. There are several stores around my area that are closing down, and that’s what I’m concerned about. I enjoy walking around the streets, plop down and always be able to find a signal because I know a Starbucks is near. The glory days are over.

  4. Good to see the one at O & 33rd is not on the list since it is the only one available for that neighborhood. I'm happy to buy local, but there had not been a "local" for the Hartley area before that particular *$ opened.

  5. Yes, there are people who live in boring places. I think I knew that already. No?

  6. Methinks that perhaps Danielle lives in a boring place if she doesn’t have anything better to do than leave sophomoric comments on random blogs that have nothing to do with the topic.

  7. Anna,

    True, I didn’t have a lot to do at the time I commented, I was on the desk and it was dead (summer session isn’t that popular). Plus, wtf, who cares about the status of Starbucks comings and goings anywhere, much less Nebraska. I had to poke fun, it makes me laugh.

    Uh, and yeah, I live in NYC so unless at the desk w/o questions, bored I am not. (And I’m not one of these people who does “other” work at the desk, just don’t think that’s inviting to students.)

    I think it’s funny how upset people get when you have a contrary opinion about their state. Say what you will about where I live, I love it and could care less to defend. Just because I think Nebraska is boring and what not, well, those are my comments and hey, what’s the use of a comments section if people don’t comment? How fun is that?

    Final note: Nice use of the word sophomoric, bravo. And Michael, thanks for mentioning my blog, you gave me tons of exposure today!

  8. Final, final comment:

    Will people really “suffer” if a Starbucks closes? I mean, really?

    Say something funny about it, Michael, don’t just post stats, I know you got it in ya.

    (Oky, now I’m commenting because I’m sick and find myself stuffed-up and unable to sleep.)

  9. I love New York City. The people that live there are so charmingly provincial.

  10. Sorry, Danielle, but with the cards you’ve already played, you’ve negated the “you’re being close-minded by picking on me” card. Just doesn’t work. Nice try, though. You get points for…well, no, you don’t really get any points.

  11. Hey Joshua,

    Here’s a word of advice for ya: lighten-up.

    For the most part, I was just kidding-around about Nebraska being “boring” as that is a simplistic thing to say (not to mention not really true, my fiance is from Nebraska and is there right now, actually, so I know there’s more than Starbucks and corn). I just wanted to point-out that I thought the post was useless and to see how fired-up people get about defending their hometowns. I’m from Minneapolis, say what you will, I don’t care. I live in NYC, go-ahead, shoot.


  12. Danielle,

    You don’t know me, so you probably don’t realize that I’m not really upset by your comments, I’m just amused at your poor social skills when it comes to leaving comments on a blog.

    I just wanted to point-out that I thought the post was useless and to see how fired-up people get about defending their hometowns.

    Yeah, see, that’s called being a troll.

  13. Joshua,

    I know what a troll is and I dare say I don’t have poor social skills. Rather, I found his post useless because, at the end of the day, who cares if Starbucks close in dumb-f**k Nebraska, South Dakota or damn-near anywhere. I read this blog to see if there are any PC/Library thingees I’m missing, not to hear the boring wailings of those suffering from the loss of Starbucks. Oh, and if I can get a laugh along the way, I will.

    Comment etiquette? Really? Oh please, Joshua, enlighten the uninfomed, would you?

  14. I know what a troll is and I dare say I don’t have poor social skills.

    Yes, you’re excellent social skills are in fine display here.

    Oh, and if I can get a laugh along the way, I will.

    I wouldn’t bet the farm on that one.

  15. Joshua,

    Your, not you’re. Just so’s you know’s.

    And I did get a laugh, maybe you didn’t, but I certainly did.

    Well played sir, I’ll give ya that.

    Over and o-u-t~

  16. (wonders if anyone cares about *$ closures in SW Wisconsin? dares not share her badger state love or coffee emporium grief. risk for mockery and flames too great. weeps quietly at desk.)

  17. Rochelle,

    Nice. You made me laugh. That’s all I was going for. Thanks.

    BTW, some of my best friends are from WIS, that is a state I love so no mockery from me. I got my undergrad from the U of MN and your Badger kicks our Gopher’s rump. (I have severe mascot-envy.) Plus, you guys know how to have a good time, no doubt.

  18. Hmm, from 33rd and O, one could go to The Cup at 25th and J, about 10 blocks away–they serve Cultiva coffee, too, which is the best coffee ever roasted. Coffee Connection at 27th and Randolph is also roughly 10 blocks. They’re local, and that’s a matter of another minute or two of travel by bike or car.

  19. I agree, I’m not much of a coffee drinker though so when I do have an urge, I go to the closest latte-serving joint and by my office that tends to be the green mermaid.

    The Gothamist is a cool site, no?

  20. I would just like to clear up that the best coffee in Lincoln is from The Coffee House at 1324 P St. The Coffee House has been there for over twenty years; it is a Lincoln landmark and family owned. The Coffee House has been surviving the last 4 years with corp. starbucks 1 block away. Give your support to The Coffee House.

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