Small rural libraries and technology

Recently I was speaking with someone about a forthcoming open position which would be dealing with many small rural libraries. The person was saying that they had mentioned to a board member that would be hiring someone that they should be sure to look for someone more technology oriented/comfortable than the person leaving the position. The board member responded something to the effect of "sure, but we need someone who can focus on the needs of small rural libraries."

Do you see a disconnect here? This conversation to me implies that someone in the position of hiring the next library leader in that area believes that the "needs of small rural libraries" and technology are mutually exclusive. Well, they’re not. How about this for an idea: look to hire someone that understands the needs of small rural libraries and has a basic yet solid grasp of technology. Better yet, someone who can understand how technology can help small rural libraries. Just an idea.

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  1. That’s a scary attitude from a board member! It makes me feel like that library may end up being further isolated (perhaps that’s the current situation?) Technology would seem to be essential for rural libraries; to me “needs of small rural libraries” and “technology oriented” are practically synonymous.

    (and a blog with no comments just looks lonely so I felt compelled to say something!)

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