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  1. This is an awful analogy. I cannot call my local bank directly because it is owned by a national bank. The only way to get personal service is to actually go into the bank. How many people love listen to Musiack while you wait to talk to a customer rep?
    Libraries have constantly been changing to improve services and access to quality resources (print, online and in person). Who would you rather get service from a bank, IT or a library? The answer is obvious.
    Go look at Hennepin County Public Library (Minneapolis). It has a brand new facility (an outdate resource in this analogy) and a great online presences.
    Libraries having been changing for a long time to better service their patrons. Libraries provide great service in person and online, and access to thousands of resource in the library and remotely. You need to visit you local library.

  2. Mighty, I think you’re misunderstanding the analogy. It’s not comparing the value or usability of banks vs. libraries. It’s comparing what caused the changes that banks have gone through to the changes that libraries are going through.

    Ultimately, it’s about giving users options. With a bank you have more options that you used to. Libraries need to offer more options too. Many libraries are offering these options already, many are not yet.

  3. I am not missing the analogy. All industries have to changed because of patrons and customers. Libraries have been changing for a long time to better service patrons (not customers). If a field does not change the user will move on and find someone to provide the service. It is too bad people think Google and other search engines are the answer and forget info lit skills, quality service, and quality resources (human, physcial and electronic) are what matters. This analogy does not help. I cannot think of another industry that provides so many wonderful services at such a low cost. If you want to use an analogy, pick an industry that does not gouge its customers and prey others. – mighty librarian

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