Web design rant

I lived through the browser wars. I remember “best viewed in…” logos on Web pages. Those days sucked and I never want to go back. So, why oh why, am I still seeing the following in 2007?

  • A page coded as 100% valid XHTML Strict (yes, strict!) being told the code is “incorrect” by the code checking software.
  • A newly launched library Web site that took piles of cash to develop with an XHTML Transitional DOCTYPE yet the homepage has 267 validation errors.
  • A government Web site that looks like this in IE

    georgia.gov in IE

    but like this in Firefox

    georgia.gov in Firefox


4 Replies to “Web design rant”

  1. Usually this is because the developers mistakenly care more about working with the browser specific tags used in IE than actually creating proper code.

    Those sad days are far from over.

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