CO House Update

Well, I was supposed to close the sale of my house in Colorado today. I signed all the paperwork on Thursday morning and overnighted it back to Denver. On Saturday morning by agent called me with bad news. It turns out that the buyer (for the second time) failed to get his loan. What happened this time? Seems that he got a $5k bonus last year and his employer reported the “income” on a 1099 instead of a W-2 and therefore the underwriter decided that the $5k no longer counted as “income” that would allow him to get his loan. So, once again, but he and I are screwed out of the sale. (Kudos to my agent. She keeps having to do more work to sell a house for which the price keeps going down earning her less money.)

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  1. How can these people not get a loan? I’m a single source of income for a family of six who had never made over $30,000 when we moved here. I had never owned a home or a new car either, and the loan company approved me of for a $200,000 loan! I told them they were nuts! Make it $100,000 tops. I didn’t get good credit by being stupid. But my point is, I thought loan companies were pouring out too much money, not being careful with it.

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