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  1. Well, you know the NJ governor was in an accident as he drove to Rutgers to meet with the Rutgers BB-team and Imus.

  2. wish i had saved it. it was up on his atom feed until yesterday. someone must have told him.

    It was titled “the perfect woman” and mentioned the joke that the perfect woman would turn into a pizza after sex. and said that when a guy has sex with a former playmate (during a skinny year) leaves you a baby you want to raise and the former obsticle (stern) agrees to help you get the bajillion bucks then the pizza ideal is sub optimal.

    Then he makes up the conversation where stern agrees to help and not fight where a condition is relations once the playmate ofspring becomes of age.

  3. HERE IT IS:

    The Perfect Woman
    Posted: 13/04/07, 14:47 by Scott_Adams

    There’s an old sexist joke about the perfect woman: She makes passionate love to a guy and then turns into a pizza. I was reminded of this when Larry Birkhead proved he’s the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby. Let me break it down for you.

    Birkhead, a paparazzo, has sex with an ex-Playmate of the Year, during one of her skinny years. She produces a healthy baby girl that Birkhead wants to raise, she dies, makes Birkhead world-famous, and leaves (potentially) a zillion dollars to the kid.

    I’m just saying it makes the pizza option look suboptimal.

    I saw on the news that Howard Stern was giving his full support to Birkhead. This surprised many people. But I’m a lip reader and I could tell how the conversation went by watching the video footage.

    Stern: You win, Larry. You have my full support.

    Birkhead: Gosh, thanks. I didn’t expect a lawyer to be so nice.

    Stern: And I’ll also help you and the kid win the legal battle with the old dead millionaire guy so your daughter will be rich.

    Birkhead: I don’t know what to say.

    Stern: Oh, and one more thing.

    Birkhead: What?

    Stern: When she turns 18, I’m going to shack up with her. This won’t be the last time she hears “Who’s your daddy?”

    Birkhead: WHAT?

    Stern: Let’s call today “round one.”

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