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A year without credit

It’s done
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I too this photo one year ago today and haven’t used a single credit card or other bit of credit (student loans, mortgage payments, and the balance on the cards not withstanding) since. It hasn’t exactly been easy the whole time, but after a full year, it does feel good.


3 thoughts on “A year without credit”

  1. Rosario says:

    Has it been an entire year already? I remember all the discussions we had on this topic while we were walking. I am VERY proud of your determination and perseverance.

  2. Jill Hurst-Wahl says:

    Wow! I would be interested in what changes you had to make to “how” you did things, like traveling, in order to not use a credit card. For example, paying for flights or hotel rooms. Did you learn things that the rest of us could do?

    I must admit, than in 2001 when I did a ton of traveling, I really relied on my debit card (and now I’m realizing that your swore off credit, not debit cards). I find them extremely handy AND they force me to pay attention to what I spend, since the money comes out of my account immediately (or close to it).

  3. Michael says:

    You’d be correct in that I didn’t give up my debit card. So, as long as I had money in my checking account I could use a Visa card to pay for things.

    Also, I had a BCR credit card so whenever I was on the road all allowed expenses were covered.

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