The Smart Kid

The Clumsy Lovers are running a promotion. Just preorder a copy of The Smart Kid (or buy it within two weeks of its release and you can get all sorts of free stuff. Here’s the details.

Smart Kid Special Offers

To help celebrate the release of "Smart Kid", we are offering a 
bunch of promos for anyone who either preorders the album from, or buys it at retail within the first two weeks of 
release.  We recommend the Amazon option, because it will be 
delivered to you on release date and because Amazon will also 
set you up right now with a free audio stream of the entire 
album (so you can check out the album at your leisure before 
it arrives). But either way is great by us.

What You Get

1) An exclusive bonus CD, featuring a couple otherwise 
unreleased tracks (including a new version of "Shut De Do," 
the traditional set closer), plus this real cool six-minute 
documentary video on the band that you can view on your 
computer.  We¹re pretty stoked to be giving this out, and 
it will never be for sale.  So get it now, or miss out.

2) A signed copy of the CD booklet.

3) Automatic entry into the sweepstakes (nothing better 
then a contest). Grand prize is $500 gift certificate from Man, you could go to town on that site with 
$500.  Or if you'd prefer, you can get your five bills as 
an Amex gift certificate (if you don't like to shop online).

4) Three secondary prizes of $50 in Clumsy Bucks. Which is 
not, to be sure, actual currency (we are not our own country
yet).  But it is $50 worth of credit which you can use for 
Clumsy Lover tickets and/or merchandise. Hurray!

5) Hold on to your receipt (or a copy, if you send it in to 
Nettwerk as per the next section) for further freebies/discounts 
at the CD Release Parties in your town.

How You Get It

If you preorder from, just email your receipt to with "Smart Kid Contest" in the subject line.

If you buy in a retail store, you must do so by June 21.  
Send the receipt (remember to keep a copy for CD Release 
Party discounts) by July 1 to: 

In The US

Attn: Smart Kid Contest
Nettwerk America
8730 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 304
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

In Canada

Attn:  Smart Kid Contest
Nettwerk Productions
1650 W 2nd Ave
Vancouver, Bc
V6J 4R3

Or, alternatively, if you attend one of our shows before 
July 1st, you can just give the receipt to us in person 
and instantly receive your free goodies and entry into the 
contest.  This is probably your best option, saving postage 
and effort.  And besides, you just can't beat person-to-person 

The contest winners will be drawn July 7.

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