At least for today, everything’s o.k.

yesterday I almost fell into my usual trap. There was something I wanted to do but I kept coming up with excuses not to go. It started too late. I couldn’t afford it. It would suck going alone. Well, I answered tose concerns by drinking a pot of coffee, figuring that I could afford the $8.00 ticket price and just get over it. So I went to another Clumsy Lovers concert and had the most amazing time.

They’re currently touring for their newest album After the Flood but didn’t stick to songs just from that album. Besides, they’ve been playing many of the songs on the album for the past year or more so they were familiar anyway. They started playing about 11.15 and didn’t stop ’till 1am. I danced the whole time including with a couple of nice ladies by the name of Lisa and Sue. (No phone numbers, sorry. I didn’t even bother trying due to my upcoming travel nightmare in March and April.) But, that was me front and center having the time of my life.

In fact, I had so much fun that Trevor, their lead singer, snagged me when I was talking to their personl selling t-shirts and remarked on how I was “rockin'” and looking like I was having such a good time. He also wanted to know what I thought of the Climax lounge since that’s not where they usually play while they’re in Denver. (Insert basist’s lame joke about finishing their set early along with fiddler’s response of “Speak for yourself.”)

Additionally, the opening band were some Denver locals named Rainville. They mostly looked like good ‘ol boys and had a great blues-based rock and roll song. (I’m sure thier lead singer drives a pickup with a gun rack in the rear window.) I’m planning on checking out their newest album The Longest Street in America (a reference to Colfax Avenue just a few blocks North of my house.)

Overall, as usual, I’m glad I went. Now, if I can just get more than four hours of sleep tonight…

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