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Free Comic Books @ Your Library

I just saw this photo and I love this idea! Think about it. Troll garage sales

Comic book art

This is most likely the most beautiful comic book cover I have ever seen. (The

Book signing @ CIL2007

For those of you that still don’t own a copy of Blogging and RSS: A

This isn’t an alarm clock blog

But it may seem like one lately. This one’s tag line is “wake up and

Coffee Blog

Coffee Blog Originally uploaded by travelinlibrarian. No kidding. There’s a new coffeeshop in Murray, UT

Airplane announcements

1. On a Southwest flight (SW has no assigned seating, you just sit where you

IL2006: Day Three Wrap-up

Last day of the conference and I woke up tired. That’s not necessarily a bad

IL2006: Day 2 wrapup

Yesterday was just as fun as the rest of the conference. I started with my

IL2006: Day 1 Recap

It was a totally full day as expected. I started by waking at 5:30am and

Internet Librarian: Day -1

Sunday was wonderful. Up a little early due to the time change and off to