Book art

I’ve been a fan of the books published by Charnel House for years now and own copies of most of their Dean Koontz editions. Their lettered editions have included books bound in tie-dyed denim and real lizard skin. They’ve embedded quarters and garter straps into their bindings and had one where the end-sheets were made of uncut dollar bill sheets. (Antoher publisher did a copy of Stephen King’s Firestarter bound in asbestos.) These books are works of art.

But today I was pointed to a new copy of George Orwell’s 1984 that will be coming out this year. Here’s a brief description:

Harcourt, Brace & Company, New York 1949
Binding by Minsky 2003
6″ x 8½” x 3″

Lizard-grained cowhide, hologram foil stamped title. LCD monitor embedded in cover with miniature black and white video camera hidden behind leather with 1/8″ hole for lens. When you hold the book you see yourself on the screen.

Unfortunately the $3500 price tag puts this work of art way out of my price range. Check out Richard Minsky’s site for a picture and further details. Be sure to browse through the rest of the site, especially the set on The Bill of Rights for only $18,000.

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