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April 13th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

espnw-logoU.S. women’s national team star Abby Wambach can credit the public library in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., for getting her start in soccer. And while her family’s support has been instrumental, her focus, belief and mindset have been pivitol to Wambach’s success.

“I actually first started playing soccer when I was, like, 4 or 5. The way my family kind of got into soccer growing up is that my sister [Beth], the eldest in the family, wanted to learn how to play. And my mom was like, ‘All right, well, let’s go to the public library.’ They checked out a book [about soccer] from the public library, came home, read it, and that’s how soccer became in my family. I’m really lucky and I think it’s pretty ironic that I was able to take, one session, I suppose, or one decade with my sister from a book all the way to world championships and Olympic medals. I’m really proud of that fact. I think it’s pretty indicative of what you can do if you set your mind to something.

Read the full article on espnW. (Thanks dad.)

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