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CPD23 Thing #13: Online Collaboration

This week we’re talking about online collaboration, specifically Google Docs, Dropbox & Wikis. Google Docs I’ve been


In the article “America Online” in the latest issue of Wired (#17.02 which isn’t online

Thing #17: PBWiki

I’m a firm believer that PBWiki is a great way to get your feet wet

Thing #16: Wikis wikis everywhere

I’m a fan of wikis but when used appropriately. In other words, no matter how

Wikipedia’s 2,000,000th English article

El Hormiguero (Spanish for “The Anthill”) is a television program with a live audience focusing

Wikis in Plain English

Another instructional video from the folks @ Common Craft.

PBWiki Educator Videos

The folks at PBWiki now have educator videos available for download for use in presentations.

CIL2007: Learning with Blogs and Wikis

Meredith Farkas & Michelle Boule (http://michellemeredith.pbwiki.com/Learning%20with%20Blogs%20and%20Wikis) What is a blog frequently updated page with posts

CIL2007: Project Planning the 2.0 Way

Nicole Engard Time to start a new project, what do you do? set up a

CIL2007: Millennials and the Library

Marshal Breeding, Vanderbilt Library Generations Silent Gen Baby boomers Gen X Millennials Millennial characteristics inate