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Friday Video: Julian Assange @ SXSW 2014

Recorded on Mar 8, 2014 With recent disclosures about online surveillance, Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, continues his dedication to the pursuit of individual privacy and transparency. Labeled everything from martyr, anarchist, whistle-blower, hero or tyrant, Assange has ignited international headlines over the past six years, arguably becoming one of the most polarizing and provocative figures of our time. […]

Wikileaks leaks documentary script about Wikileaks

Wikileaks has released a transcript of a documentary about its history so it can add

The Public Library of US Diplomacy

Wikileaks has added to their Cablegate documents a new collection titled “The Kissinger Cables” and created The Public Library of US Diplomacy Web site. There’s so much here I don’t know where to begin so for now you’ll just have to investigate it yourself. The Kissinger Cables are part of today’s launch of the WikiLeaks Public Library […]

Wikileaks Was Just a Preview: We’re Headed for an Even Bigger Showdown Over Secrets

Over at Rolling Stone, the spectacular Matt Taibbi has been taking a look at issues of privacy and secrecy when it comes to the US government. His observations don’t make for positive predictions. I went yesterday to a screening of We Steal Secrets, Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney’s brilliant new documentary about Wikileaks. The movie is beautiful and […]