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In-flight WiFi TOS

On one of the flights I took last weekend GoGo in-flight WiFi was available. I

WiFi analyzer for Android

“Turns you android phone into a handy Wi-Fi analyzer!”

Handing out WiFi keys is the same as no key at all

I’ve been saying this for years but some still don’t believe me. Here’s a bit

Of routers and Chrome

Three routers, three different brands (Linksys, TRENDnet & Gateway) and whenever I log into the

2008 WiFi Connectivity Grants

Seven months of planning has led the announcement of my first (as in totally my

Do your patrons know your WiFi policy?

In my tech support & security workshop I discussed WiFi and why you should offer

CL2007: The WiFi Situation

WiFi in the rooms is $10 a day through T-Mobile unless you’re running Vista. If

Gamer busted for "borrowing" library WiFi after hours – Engadget

Engadget is reporting the story of someone being hassled by the police for using open

I feel ethical again

Yes folks, the 6MB/sec DSL line is up and running and the (WPA secured) WiFi