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Nebraska Learns 2.0: Foursquare

Nebraska Learns 2.0 is the Nebraska Library Commission’s ongoing online learning program. The goal of

Lovely Charts

I’ve been playing with Lovely Charts this morning. For those interested, here’s a network diagram

Keen meets Godwin

Andrew Keene is the author of The Cult of the Amateur and someone who is

RE: Against the Machine by Lee Siegel

Back in June 2007 I wrote a response/review of Andrew Keen’s The Cult of the

Barack’s VP: Be the First to Know

Dear Michael —   Barack Obama is about to make one of the most important

Mesh the cloud and your desk

I don’t suspect that I’m a "typical" computer user with my daily working with four


I’ve got to admit that I don’t track my representative and senators as much as

The Gen-Y Guide to Web 2.0@Work

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