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Friday Video: Marc Abrahams, “Annals of Improbable Research”

Marc Abrahams visited Google’s office in Cambridge, MA to discuss his new book “This Is Improbable Too” and the Ig Nobel Prizes. He has long collected odd, imaginative, and brilliantly improbable scientific discoveries from around the world. In his new book, he investigates research on the ins and outs of the very improbable evolutionary innovation […]

Memo on the Use of Screenshots in Game Studies Scholarship

I asked Christopher Ogino, who was my summer research last year, to look into the question of whether screenshots of video games used in academic publications would constitute fair use under United States copyright law.  His conclusion was, generally, “yes.”  I’m posting his Memo here because I believe there is some confusion about this issue […]

How Copyright Makes Books and Music Disappear (and How Secondary Liability Rules Help Resurrect Old Songs)

Abstract: A random sample of new books for sale on Amazon.com shows three times more

Don’t Fear the Reader: Librarian versus Interlibrary Loan Patron-driven Acquisition of Print Books at an Academic Library

New research out of University of Nebraska – Lincoln: Abstract: Recently, a great deal of literature

Increasing Public Access to the Results of Scientific Research

  Increasing Public Access to the Results of Scientific Research  By Dr. John Holdren, Assistant