January 8th, 2015 by Michael Sauers

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January 1st, 2015 by Michael Sauers

booksYes folks, here we are again for those of you interested in my reading stats for the previous year. From the looks of it I read a fewer number of titles, and a fewer number of pages than in 2013. I’m mainly blaming the significantly higher number of comics I read this year, which I did not keep track of. However the numbers are up significantly for graphic novels and I read nearly twice as many books by/including female authors over the previous year. My reading habits still lean heavily toward male authors, but I’m aware of the discrepancy. If you’re interested in what books I read, most of them can be found on my Books Read in 2014 Pinterest board. (The 2015 board is up and awaiting its first pin for those wanting to keep track in 2015.)

 2014vs. 2013
Total Books Read11194%
Graphic Novels22.5188%
Male authors133117%
Female authors54193%

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June 9th, 2013 by Michael Sauers

Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading Her Kindle, After Mary CassattMorphologically, my Kindle belongs to the genus of handheld devices and tablets more than that of books or libraries. And it’s almost Pavlovian by now to consume on-screen information by briskly clicking, scrolling, or otherwise refreshing a screen when we’re in front of one. It’s what we do during screen time, after all. With my Kindle, this inclination toward novelty and rapid clicking informs my reading. I have a sense of rushing forward in a straight line toward the end.

A mystery or thriller, even by an author I admire such as Laura Lippman, tends to get read on Kindle.  This makes sense. Given its bias toward linearity and efficient movement from point A to endpoint B, the Kindle works best for me with plot-driven works, or when I’m reading for the plot, and I have lower expectations for intellectual provocation.

True, nothing prevents me from lingering on Loc. 3274, where I currently find myself in an e-book. In reality, however, it doesn’t happen. My Kindle screen is a cold, ascetic place. I’d no more linger on its page than I’d hang out at an airport security gate, or a dentist’s waiting room. The Kindle’s form invites a more linear reading experience for me than reading a book in hand, which more richly engages all of my senses.

Read the full article @ BigThink.com.

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January 1st, 2011 by Michael Sauers

books in a stack (a stack of books)Time for the annual report of what I read this past year.

  • Total books: 107
  • Total print pages: 25,681
  • Fiction: 79
  • Non-fiction: 28
  • Print: 81
  • Graphic Novels: 17
  • Audio books: 9
  • Male authors: 141
  • Female authors: 17
  • First book read in 2010: Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates by Brian Lumley
  • Last book read in 2010: Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek by Justin Richards & Mike Collins
  • Favorite fiction book read in 2010: Mind the Gap by Christpher Golden & Tim Lebbon
  • Favorite non-fiction book read in 2010: You’re Not Fooling Anyone When you Take Your Laptop to the Coffee Shop: Scalzi on Writing by John Scalzi

Oddly, enough despite having a category for eBooks, it seems that I did not actually read a single complete book in electronic format in 2010. 

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April 28th, 2009 by Michael Sauers

Unshelved 27 April 2009

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January 1st, 2009 by Michael Sauers

It looks like I didn’t get all that close to my average 130 book this year. Oh well, it’s been a busy year and in order to have an “average” you need to have some numbers lower than that average. Anyway, here’s my 2008 reading stats:

Books: 107
Fiction: 76
Non-fiction: 31
Print: 76
Graphic Novels: 12
Audiobooks: 17
eBooks: 2
Total pages: 23810
Male authors: 105
Female authors: 16

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January 1st, 2008 by Michael Sauers

Now that 2007 is over I can post all the stats I kept regarding my reading habits of the past 365 days. In 2007 I kept more detailed records so I’m just just relating “here’s the number of books I read”. The stats for 2007 are:

  • Number of books read: 150, of those…
  • Print books: 81
  • Printed pages: 25826
  • eBooks: 3
  • Audiobooks: 52
  • Fiction: 126
  • Non Fiction: 24
  • Graphic Novels: 14
  • Male authors: 147
  • Female authors: 16

A few notes on these numbers. The total number of authors will be higher than the total number of books since some books had multiple authors. These numbers do not include magazines and non-fiction articles. Also, I consider audiobooks “reading” though they can’t be included in the page count.

Lastly, I’m totally surprised at the very low number of female authors that make up my reading habits. It isn’t intentional but this is the first year I’ve tracked author gender so I don’t know if it’s typical or not.

Here’s to a book-filled 2008!

Update 2 Jan 2008: The nubmers have been fixed.

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