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MARC records from the publisher?

I read copyright pages. (Don’t ask.) As a result, sometimes I read suprising things. Here’s

Dear Publishers

DRM is dumb. DRM does not work. DRM is the Empire is tightening its fist,

Cory Doctorow: Libraries and E-books

At the start of the summer, I traveled to Chicago for the annual national conference of the American Library Association. It was great. There are many utterly baseless clichés about librarians – the shushing spinster who prefers the company of books to humans is a creation of pure and unimaginative fantasy. But there is one […]

Judge: Apple Conspired To Price-Fix eBooks

U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote’s ruling in the non-jury trial sets back what Apple

Hachette buying Hyperion

PARIS — Hachette Book Group, a division of French publishing giant Hachette Livre, says it’s

Authors for Library Ebooks

Are you an author? Do you want all eBooks to be available to all libraries? Our

Major Book Publishers Demand Identities of Usenet Uploaders (Remember Usenet?)

Some of the world’s largest book publishers are going after two prolific Usenet uploaders. The

Ursula K. LeGuin on eBooks, Libraries, and Publishers

While most small presses sell all their books freely and happily to libraries, the “Big

DOJ: Steve Jobs E-Mails Show That Apple Engaged In E-Book Price-Fixing

Both the publishers and Apple have denied any collusion, but a newly uncovered e-mail from

Licensing your work on your terms

I recently put the payment for a speaking gig on the line over licensing terms.